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            trò chơi bắn cá súng

            Personal finance is hard. But that’s why we’re here. With the knowledge, tools, and products to help you choose better, today.


            Better rates. Better sleeps

            We are the champions of choice

            Let’s get to the point. Personal finance is hard. So hard that most of us choose to ignore it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to turn avoidance into action, confusion into clarity. Time to give people the knowledge, tools and power to choose better personal finance.
            We are and we are your champions of choice.

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            WHY RATEHUB?

            A few things we're proud of

            • 800,000

              monthly users

            • 9 years


            • Over 1M

              better choices made

            • Trusted partner

              to Canada’s top financial institutions

            Unbiased view on the best and lowest rates available


            Toronto, ON

            Simplifies the mortgage process and provides a wealth of important information.

            The Globe and Mail

            Ottawa, ON

            Consumers enjoy substantial savings.


            The Knowledge Bank

            A wealth of wealth knowledge delivered right to your inbox. From the latest interest rates, to tips on getting the best from your credit cards. It’s all in there.

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            Sponsored & featured products

            If you see a rate or a product that is labelled ‘sponsored’ or ‘featured’ it means that we may have been compensated by a financial institution to display or promote it. However, you will never see us promote offers that do not provide value to our users, or that come from questionable 3rd parties. In fact, many of the rates and products you see are not monetized, meaning we display them purely because we believe they are the right products to show our users. You can read more about that in our partnership policy.